What are the benefits, if any, of picking ecards instead of so called snail-mail postal cards? The main advantage in terms of the environment is that there is no paper or card being squandered, and there is a lowered need for postal workers to drive their vans around; thus triggering a huge amount of pollution. Ecards do naturally support the use of PCs, which can contribute to CO2 emissions because they require that huge server complexes are kept in use; and these release a great deal of CO2. The proportional contribution to greenhouse gases from ecards, however, small, and postal letters contribute a good deal more general.

There is of course something special about something tangible such as an ecard - it can be shown in the home and in itself enters into the joyful designs. It also reveals that the person is quite popular. There is however going to be a growing market for ecards in years to coming - and certainly a lot of us will participate in sending them this year.