Backend-Developer (M/F/D)

What you’ll do:

  • You’ll receive more responsibility than in your previous jobs, e.g. by taking the lead on a computer vision project, by building scalable data pipelines or running a complex crawling infrastructure

  • You’ll work in a team of experienced software developers on diverse projects in the areas of data mining and machine learning

  • You’ll learn new tools, languages and best practices

  • You’ll write clean, composable and testable code

  • You’ll be one of the first full time employees, take on responsibility and grow with the company


What you’ll need:

  • Advanced experience in any higher level programming language - where high starts at C ;). We often choose Python, but also use C#, Java, Rust and JavaScript

  • Good knowledge of the Command line. Git, Docker and Kubernetes knowledge are a plus 

  • Willingness to always use the best tool for the given job (meaning that you love to regularly dive into unknown languages and frameworks)

  • English skills to communicate with the team on a professional and leisure level


We offer you:

  • We will enable you to program hardware, write APIs and train machine learning models with ease - if you are just eager to learn

  • A PR review is not just another process for us. We take it seriously to take your code and you to another level, while also learning all the new patterns and techniques that your code has to offer

  • Competitive salary and bonus

  • Top-notch technology equipment, also for private use

  • Work in a modern, well-equipped office and choose from a pool of perks


To sum up, you will join a young team of tech people. We strive to create the best possible workplace for us engineers. But you have to bring in some experience and be willing to learn & improve every day. Currently, we’re really into Rust. If you like Rust, let us know what you want to use it for ;).  If you’re interested let us know, just send us a casual E-Mail to